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Passionella Cookie Policy

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  1. What are Cookies?
    Cookies are small pieces of digital data that we place on your computer through your web browser. They allow us to remember you when you revisit our website and make the site more relevant to your interests.
  1. Our use of cookies includes activities such as:
    1. Recognising you when you visit our site.
    2. Displaying advertisement material on third-party sites that are relevant to your interests.
    3. Remembering items that have been placed in your basket on our website.
    4. Researching ways to improve our products and website.
    5. Stopping fraudulent activities.
    6. Maintaining the security of the website and our customers.

Adjusting cookie settings

Most browsers will tell you how to adjust your cookies settings in the Help menu.
These include, for example:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer


The information will let you configure how your browser deals with requests from websites to store cookies. You can stop accepting new cookies, ask to be notified of new cookies you receive or disable cookies completely.  Similar changes can usually be made for browser add-ons from the settings for a specific add-on.

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